here’s the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions…

where do you ship?

we ship to every country in the world, but please read through our important bits before placing your order


how long until my Click & Collect order is ready?

Click & Collect orders from the RAWR den are ready within thirty (30) minutes from the time you placed your order, but please read through our important bits before placing your order


are all of your chais vegan?

yes! We don’t use any honey or animal products in any of our goodies. The sticky element of our chai blends comes from our house-made coconut sugar syrup instead

find out more on the pro’s & con’s of the most popular sticky chai sweeteners – honey, agave & coconut sugar – here!


is RAWR Chai gluten-free?

sip safe in the knowledge that all RAWR Chai blends, latte fusions, loose-leaf teas & more are gluten-free. They are, however, handmade with love at the RAWR den – our cafe & bakery space that does create some glutenous goodies, so trace amounts may exist


is there caffeine in RAWR chai?

this may come as a surprise but chai that uses a black tea base, such as the ceylon tea used in RAWR Chai original, dirty & filthy, does contain caffeine – around two thirds the amount of an average shot of espresso

while some places may claim that the tannins found in tea reduce caffeine absorption, this is simply not true and there is very little evidence, if any, to support this

if you’re sensitive to caffeine, pregnant or are just cutting down your intake, RAWR Chai rooibos is the perfect substitute!